Auckland Live

The Auckland Live website after the overhaul.

About the project

When Auckland Live moved to a new content management system, they also took the opportunity to redesign the website to improve usability, and drive improved ticket sales. Building a custom Asgard CMS also allowed us to ensure the system was robust enough to handle the many variables involved in event listings.

I was the content lead and usability/user advocate for the 8-month project. 

Key Contributions:

  • A content audit to identify areas for improvement
  • Working with subject matter experts across the business
  • Writing new content for the site including information on the venues themselves & their history, facilities and visitor information (such as information for parents) to help people plan their trips.
  • Developing page templates for different types of events to make it easier for others to create pages for new events
  • Liaising with the ticketing team to ensure that imagery on the new site was up to standard and correctly sized.
  • Creating an online style guide for Auckland Live, in collaboration with the marketing team.
  • Working with Pixel Fusion (the developers) on the new custom version of the Asgard CMS to create a set of user stories (including going through all the possible variables for events), prioritise them for the Agile sprints, and conduct user acceptance testing.
  • Supervising two content assistants who were responsible for loading significant amounts of collateral to the website in the form of information and marketing material. 

Key achievements

  • Successful collaboration with the developers to build a robust site suitable for Auckland Live’s needs.
  • Delivering a user-friendly site with clear, Plain English information to help visitors.
  • Building successful working relationships with the developers and across Auckland Live.


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