Auckland Live

The Auckland Live website after the overhaul.

What I did

I was the content lead and usability/user advocate for Auckland Live’s 8-month website overhaul project. 

The aims of the content element of the project were to improve the user experience, and in so doing drive improved ticket sales. We used analytics as well as user stories to figure out the best ways to do this.

I conducted a content audit, and worked with subject matter experts across the business to improve the information available on the venues themselves (including their history), as well as facilities and visitor information.

I developed page templates for different types of events to make it easier for others to create pages for new events, and also used Photoshop and liaised with the ticketing team to ensure that imagery on the new site was up to standard and correctly sized.

I took the opportunity to write an online style guide for Auckland Live as they didn’t have one, in collaboration with the marketing team.

At the same time, I worked with Pixel Fusion (the tech company contracted by Regional Facilities Auckland to work on digital across their organisations) on the new custom version of the Asgard CMS to create a set of user stories, prioritise them for the Agile sprints, and conduct user acceptance testing (which we did by loading information into the test site which could then be exported onto the live site, to save time and money on the content loading work).

I also supervised two content assistants who were responsible for loading significant amounts of collateral to the website in the form of information and marketing material for different events. 


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