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Here is a list of services I can offer you, along with a rough idea of how long they take on a standard site. You can select a combination from this list to make up what I’ll do for you each month, and it doesn’t have to be the same every time. If you need something done that’s not on this list, don’t despair! I’m always happy to discuss other requirements. Please get in touch and let me know what you need.

ServiceTime estimate
Content audit & report
I check every page of your site and create a report for you suggesting improvements, identifying where content may be out of date, finding broken links and other issues, with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the site for you to use to guide improvements and changes.
2 hours
Information architecture- create proposal
I look at the information and pages you want to include on your site and create a wireframe and document to suggest how to structure (or restructure) your website to optimise usability.
2 hours
Website Analytics report
A report into your site metrics using Google Analytics, looking at key criteria including any you particularly want to examine.
1 hour
Content rewrite per page
Exactly what it says on the tin- a rewrite by me of a page of your content with a view to optimising it for Plain English, SEO and accessibility.
1 hour
Information architecture- redo menu
For content management systems like WordPress- I will restructure header or footer menus to make them more usable (best done after an information architecture proposal as above, but if you have a clear idea of what you want, let’s talk!)
1 hour
Information architecture- redo page structure in CMS
The crunch work behind the scenes to make sure that your page structure matches your menus. This also ensures that your URLs match.
1 hour
Google My Business registration
Exactly as it sounds- I connect up your website and business email with Google My Business.
1 hour
Plain English site rewrite per page
Rewriting a page of your content to ensure that it meets Plain English standards.
1 hour
Setting up social buttons on site/for blog
I can help ensure that your content is easily shareable on social (very helpful for SEO) and that users who visit your site can also find your social media accounts.
1 hour
Broken links check (whole site)
I crawl your site to identify broken links and fix them (helpful for SEO).
1 hour
Social Media report per platform
An analytics report for your social media, covering any aspects you desire (how your reach is doing, how your following has grown, what posts got the best engagement and more).
30 mins
Set up domain registration & connect
I’ll do the grunt work to sort you out with an appropriate domain name and connect it to your site.
30 mins
New webpage on existing site (user supplies content)
You give me the content, I create the page and work my usability/accessibility magic. Includes standard SEO tweaks.
30 mins
Make links accessible per page
I’ll rewrite those pesky ‘read more’ links so they’re accessible.
30 mins
SEO setup per page (standard SEO tweaks)
I’ll do the standard technical SEO tweaks for a webpage, and some basic work to optimise the content.
30 mins
Content edit per page
You supply the edits, I make the changes.
15 mins
Renew domain registration
I’ll renew your existing domain name and ensure it’s all still working as it should be.
15 mins
New webpage on existing site from template w. user content
Got a particular type of page you often create? You supply the content, I do the grunt work and load them for you using a standard template.
15 mins
Image optimisation- per image
I will optimise your images to improve site speed, add alt-text and more. If you have a lot of images that need this doing, the time per image is reduced.
10 mins
Fixing broken links per page
You’ve found a broken link (or links), I’ll go in and fix them and make sure any internal links match up.
10 mins
Build me a website!
Contact me and let’s talk about your requirements.

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