The Blind Foundation

For the overhaul of the Blind Foundation’s website, I worked with developers from Digital Engine on the website’s UX and Information Architecture. We aimed to restructure the information on the site so that it would make sense to key user groups- Blind Foundation clients, prospective clients, supporters, and friends/family of clients.

I worked with Digital Engine on ensuring the CMS (WordPress) was fit for purpose, as well as presenting in project progress to key stakeholders in the organisation.

A key aim of the project was to make the design elegant but in keeping with best practice accessibility, which was very important given the Blind Foundation is a charity for people who are blind or have low vision. Of importance were areas such as the fonts used and ensuring the text had high contrast. We also made sure instructions on magnifying the text in peoples’ web browsers were clear and easy to find.

I developed a new section of the site on eye health, including information on different eye conditions, practical advice on preventing eye damage and putting in eye drops, and information for health professionals. This was an initial build, with a view to the Blind Foundation being able to expand the content over time.

I led the user testing process, working with Blind Foundation clients who volunteered to help and identifying issues with the structure and the online shop.


See how the Blind Foundation website looked before the overhaul on the Wayback Machine. Note- the highlight colour when selecting options on the menu was bright yellow, not grey.

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