The Victoria homepage after the overhaul.

This was my first foray into working on web content, with a steep learning curve.

What I did

  • Worked as the content lead for the Website Improvement Project, producing the University’s first responsive-design website.
  • Produced a content audit of the old Victoria site.
  • Helped design the information architecture- shifting from an architecture based on the University’s organisational structure to one based around key user groups: prospective students, current students, staff, visitors/parents/members of the public, researchers/businesses interested in research partnerships.
  • Wrote the content strategy.
  • Wrote and delivered user-focused content across all main hubs of the site- key areas of work were student financial support, information about preparing for university for prospective students, and turning the course information in the print version of the prospectus into web-friendly content.
  • Made changes to reflect stakeholder feedback
  • Ensured implementation of web standards and followed accessibility best practice.
  • Mentored/coached people across the University who were responsible for content on school/departmental websites.
  • Wrote the online style guide
  • Lead Web Best Practice training as part of Web Best Practice roll-out.
  • Helped conduct user testing, identifying issues from this and working to fix them.


View the Victoria site before the overhaul (via the Wayback Machine)

View the Victoria site after the overhaul (via the Wayback Machine)

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